The Facts Everyone Must Definitely Know About Magento Theme Development

There isn’t much knowledge among Ecommerce store owners and online business owners about Magento theme development and the various advantages that come with it. All Ecommerce store owners should definitely know the rich benefits that they can reap with the help of Magento theme development. With this thing in mind, here are some facts which everyone must know about Magento theme development. Read On…

The Hierarchy: When it comes to Magento theme development, understanding of the hierarchy structure of Magento is extremely important. Alongwith this hierarchy, what you need to understand is the place in this hierarchy where the Magento theme development has to be done. In Magento theme development, the hierarchy begins with a directory. Directories are the containers in which packages and themes are found. There are mainly two directories or folders by default in MagentoApp and Skin. App directory contains the files which define the page templates, whereas the Skin directory contains the files that control the appearance of the website and this includes the CSS, JavaScript and images.

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ThemesPackages: In Magento theme development services, the next important aspect is that of themes and packages. A package contains a collection of themes. A Magento website can have one or more packages in it. Base and Default are the basic packages found in the Magento website structure. The main function of the Base package is to make Magento’s core files available to the front end. The theme folder is placed inside one of the two packages, and it contains all the files which are essential for Ecommerce development. There is no limit to the number of themes a package can have.

Layout, Template Files And Fallback Logic: Finally, when it comes to Magento theme development there are some essential things too. This includes the layout folder which contains the XML files that are utilized in the front end development of an Ecommerce store. The essentials also include the template files which are actually a combination of PHP and HTML data, and this data is highly important for theme development of the store. Fallback Logic also forms a part of the essentials in Magento theme development. The Fallback logic feature in Magento helps you or the admin in maintaining and editing the files which are required in the theme development of any store.

Thus, understand the facts detailed above regarding Magento theme development and incorporate them in the development of your Ecommerce store in order to come up with an outstanding Ecommerce store for your business!!