How One Step Checkout Is Better Than Multi-Step Checkout

Are one step checkouts truly much better?

There do exists some A/B instances where one step checkouts outshine multi-step checkouts significantly. These situations however usually compare a non-optimized multi-step checkout with a brand-new optimized one step checkout magento extension.

During the research study for our checkout functionality report we found that individuals as a whole had reasonably couple of issues navigating in between multiple steps (as long as a couple of straightforward guidelines are adhered to)– the usability problems were mostly created by what the customer needed to do at each step.

When A/B screening a non-optimized multi-step checkout (being A) against a one step check out (B), I would certainly say if a C variation were presented that took exactly the very same kind fields as the one step, yet split it throughout 2 pages (address on page one, credit card information on web page 2)– there wouldn’t be much, if any sort of, difference in abandonment/completion rates in between B as well as C.


Why one step checkouts is still a very important principle

There are nonetheless 2 vital reasons that a person step checkouts are so ‘prominent’ to discuss and also strive for in e-commerce layout.

1) It’s easy to talk about

It has a name, makings it easy to talk about. This might appear evident however it’s actually very vital because it provides people a concept to recommendation. An idea that shares of simpleness and also ease-of-use for the client.

While it’s true that a one step checkout could be much more intricate compared to a 3-step checkout, it’s just not as very easy and convincing to attempt and market “a quite lean and well considered, 3 step checkout process” to management.

2) It makes tough decisions easier

Because of the nature of one step checkouts, it’s often easier to internally agree on restricting the features that go on the checkout web page. This is particularly essential in larger organization where there’s usually multiple agendas and friction in between departments.

Making drastic decisions such as cutting away attributes and also develop fields from an existing multi-page check out could be extremely hard. Yet if the company’s goal is clear and also eager: “cutting our 4 step check out down to a single page” after that the difficult choices of removing features and also form fields come to be much easier, as everyone could quickly view just how crammed and cluttered the one web page would otherwise be.


While a one step check out will not always do much better compared to a comparatively optimized multi-step checkout, one step checkouts are still vital as they can make the check out optimization project less complicated to discuss and implement.